Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)


Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

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The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) gives you a head start in the world of professional HR. With this course you develop a professional acumen and an insight to deal with core HR issues. Here the focus is on mechanics of organizational change, and then the spotlight moves on to the competencies required for managing both people and processes. Human resource management nowadays is not just about employing people or drafting work policies; It is also about being able to rapidly respond to customer’s global needs. The CHRP is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and qualities required succeeding in the cutting edge world of business administration and management. At KTS, the ACAC HR program combines high-quality core curriculum that is consistently updated to ensure excellence in the global marketplace. Recent research reveals that the careers in HR are becoming increasingly lucrative.

Content / Syllabus• Definition of HRM

• Functions of the HR Manager

• Line and Staff Aspects of HRM

• Environmental Changes

• Strategies

• Metrics

• Equal opportunity and the Law

• HR Score Card


• Nature of Strategic HRM

• Different Levels of Strategy

• HR Applications for Competitors

• Strategic Management Process

• Steps for using HR Score Card


• Job Analysis

• Uses of Job Analysis Information

• Steps in Job Analysis

• Job Description

• Job Specification

• Job Enlargement, Job Rotation,

• Job Enrichment


• Definition of Recruitment

• Alternatives to Recruitment

• External Environment of Recruitment

• Internal Environment of Recruitment

• The Recruitment Process

• Methods Used in Internal Recruiting

• External Sources of Recruitment

• Recruitment for Diversity

• Internet Trends

• The Internet Recruitment Process

• Requirements for Effective

• Steps to Effective Internet Recruiting

• Limitations of Internet Recruiting

• New HR Position – Cyber Recruiter

• Internal Recruitment – Using the Intranet

• The Corporate Web Site and Home Page

• External Sources of Recruitment and the Internet

• External Recruitment Methods

• Internet Recruiting

• Advertising

• Private & Public Employment Agencies

• Employee Enlistment

• Unsolicited Walk-In Applicants

• Talent Auctions

• Posting Resumes on the Internet

• Resume Management Systems

• Electronic Resume Guidelines


• Definition Of Selection

• Environmental Factors Affecting the Selection

• Process

• The Selection Process

• Characteristics of Properly Designed Selection

• Tests

• Types of Validation Studies

• Types of Employment Tests

• Vocational Interests

• The Employment Interview

• Interview Planning

• Content of the Interview

• Types of Interviews

• Methods of Interviewing

• Legal Implications of Interviewing

• Potential Interviewing Problems

• Assessment Centers

• Personal Reference Checks

• Negligent Hiring and Retention

• The Selection Decision

• Notification to Candidates

• Role Play on Interviews


• Training and Development: Definitions

• Changes Affecting Training and Development

• Changes in Organizational Structure

• Changes in Technology

• Need for more Highly Skilled Workers

• Critical Needs that Training Addresses

• Determining Training and Development Needs

• Establishing Training and Development Objectives

• Purposes of Orientation

• Organizational Development


• Wages and Salary Administration Definition

• Compensation

• Points to be taken Care before Deciding Wages

• Factors Influencing Wages and Salaries

• Compensation System Design

• Policies Affecting Determination of

• Wages and Salaries

• Laws Affecting Compensation

• Wage Practices

• Staff Salary Plan/Grade Codes


• Career Planning and Development: Definitions

• Job Security Versus

• Career Security

• Factors Affecting Career Planning

• Career-Impacted Life Stages

• Career Anchors

• Career Planning

• Individual Career Planning

• Self-Assessment

• Strength/Weakness Balance Sheet

• Career Assessment on the Web

• Adding Value to Your Career

• Career Development

• Career Planning and Development Methods

• Using Internet for Career Planning and

• Development at Texas Instruments

• Developing Unique Segments of the Workforce


• Performance Appraisal Definition

• Uses of Performance Appraisal

• Performance Appraisal Environmental Factors

• The Performance Appraisal Process

• Evaluation

• Responsibility for Appraisal

• Rationale for Evaluations Conducted by Team Members

• The Appraisal Period

• Performance Appraisal Methods

• Problems in Performance Appraisal

• Characteristics of an Effective Appraisal System

• Legal Implications

• The Appraisal Interview


• Importance in Today’s Corporate World

• Compensation

• Rewards

• Types of Incentives

• Fringe benefits History and Growth

• Employee Services

• Payroll Calculations


• Practical Oriented Modules

• Case Studies

• Practical formats –

 MRF, Pre-interview questionnaire

 Job Application Form,

 Performance Appraisal etc.,

• Interview Related Questionnaire


Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 4598
  • Assessments Yes
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